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137x more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea

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Why Choose Our Matcha?
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1. Organic

All of our high quality matcha selections are 100% organic and free of all pesticide unlike other products.


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2. Natural Ingredients

All our matcha are guaranteed free from artificial additives or flavourings. 


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3. Rewards Program

Earn points towards free tea with every purchase. For every 100 points you earn, you get 25g of any organic tea for free!


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Matcha Sensation is not only a destination to find matcha in North America, but also an online destination where you can order your favourite specialty tea to be delivered to your doorstep. Having an online shop allows us to spread our love of tea beyond visitors to our matcha tea house. Explore our online shop to experience the diverse, rich flavours of our high quality organic Matcha powder.

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Highest Quality Matcha Tea Online

We Ship Worldwide
Matcha Sensation is your destination to find the highest quality organic Matcha Powder. We are a dedicated group of matcha enthusiast, who strive to curate the tea shop by hand selecting a wide variety of the best quality Matcha teas the world has to offer.  Considering matcha is very versatile, matcha can fit into all kinds of lifestyles in numerous ways. Our mission is to spread our love of matcha to our customers by offering our specialty teas at an affordable price.
Matcha Tea Benefits
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