Tea Club Rewards





What do I get from Tea Club Rewards?



Each time you make a purchase online you’ll earn points towards free matcha tea!

$2 = 1 Point

For every two dollars you spend online, you will earn one point.

100 Points = Free Matcha Tea

For every 100 points you earn, you get 25g of any matcha selections!

Stackable Points

So, if you earn 200 points you get two 25g bags of any matcha tea for free!

Claiming your matcha

You have until Feb 1st and Aug 1st to earn Tea Club Reward points, in which every 100 points gives you a free 25g bag of any matcha tea.

Your points will reset every 6 month interval and the effective reset dates are Feb 1st & August 1st. There is a 10 days grace period to claim your rewards if you have not spent your points by contacting [email protected] .
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Ready To Earn Points?

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